SurePath Testing


Fully interoperable with all DALI approved emergency lighting equipment

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SurePath is a standalone emergency lighting test system providing fully interoperable DALI monitoring, testing and reporting to BS EN 62034. The system’s simplicity means that the user can be assured that the emergency lighting installation is being routinely tested and monitored in accordance with BS EN 50172. The design and size of the innovative full colour touch screen makes setting up test schedules or checking test results very simple.

Each SurePath panel is capable of connection to 128 devices. For larger installations SureLink software can be deployed to provide a fully scalable system.

Once commissioned the SureLink system will carry out function tests and duration tests automatically on scheduled dates and times. While everything is healthy the SurePath screen will remain blank unless touched in which case it will show the ‘tick’ screen indicating all is well.

In the event of a failure during a test, or if a battery/charger problem occurs, the screen will automatically come on with a warning triangle and, if selected during commissioning, the integral warning buzzer will also sound.

When the screen is active simple touch buttons are also enabled that allow easy access to any fault reports or a password protected engineer’s menu.

Alternatively a SureLink enabled system can be configured to automatically notify a maintenance engineer of both the nature and location of any faults. These detailed system reports allow for a strategy of planned maintenance to be implemented.

SurePath – Features and Benefits

  • IoT Smart EL test system
  • Integral mains supply and DALI supplies
  • Two DALI busses (128 devices)
  • Simple operation
  • Routine function and duration tests
  • Detailed test results at panel
  • Downloadable test data
  • Operates with multiple durations
    (60 mins, 90 mins, 180 mins, etc)
  • Automatic fault indication
  • Fault buzzer (software enabled)
  • IP addressable panel
  • Monitor and control up to 50 panels

  • Complies with EN 61347 2-11
  • Complies with EN 62386 (DALI)
  • Kitemarked
  • UK designed and manufactured
  • All intellectual property owned and updated in UK
  • Screen branding to order
  • Encrypted networking (SureLink)
  • Automatic addressing of replacement gear
  • Automatic fault indication to maintenance partner (optional)
  • Surface or recessed mounting
  • Commissioning made simple using SureID

Typical small installation

(Single SurePath panel monitoring fixtures including dedicated emergency lighting, luminaires with emergency lighting operation and exit signs)


Operational features:

  • Password protected active functions
  • Commissioning data can be entered via the touch screen, a USB dongle or SureLink software
  • Devices can be addressed individually, by ‘BUS’ or by ‘Group’
  • SurePath will automatically find replacement devices during maintenance
  • Automatic status notifications are logged in SurePath’s non-volatile memory and can be downloaded by USB or SureLink software
  • SurePath is IoT-ready

Dedicated SurePath networking software

SureLink is dedicated PC software which allows for up to 50 SurePath panels to be seamlessly monitored and controlled across a network.

SureLink has been developed to provide a single coherent solution to manage the emergency lighting installations of larger estates.