A range of bulkheads, including IP65, high light output and slim body.

Many are available with Exit Sign options as well as DALI/Self-Test functionality.

brilas bulkheads
exit sign running man legend

Exit Sign options

Many of our bulkheads can also be used as exit signs via optional blade or self-adhesive legend kits.

Bulkheads with exit sign options are denoted here by the running man legend.

DALI and Self-Test logos


Many of our bulkheads are also available with DALI/Self-Test functionality.

Bulkheads with DALI/Self-Test options are denoted here by these logos.


IP65 LED Bulkhead and Exit Sign

Neat and compact, the Brilas LED Bulkhead utilises an IP65-rated polycarbonate base and lens. These are specifically designed to maximise the distribution from the enclosed 16 high-output white LEDs and appropriate drive circuit.

Brilas is available with a ‘hanging blade’ exit sign legend panel or self-adhesive legend kits.

brilas bulkheads


Axiom – IP65 LED Bulkhead/Exit Sign

The Axiom LED bulkhead exit sign utilises an IP65 rated polycarbonate base and fresnel lens housing 16 high output white LEDs and constant current maintained drive circuit.

The luminaire provides 150 lumens and the lens generates a wide intensity distribution ideal for providing good illuminance on the escape route. The polycarbonate lens can be fitted with 100mm high, self-adhesive safety signs.

A deep (150mm) opal diffuser is also available to provide double-sided signage if required.

Axiom is available with DALI and self-test.

DALI and Self-Test logos

Fusion LED Bulkhead and Exit Sign

The Fusion range offers an attractive flush mounting luminaire with an optional lens that accommodates a hanging blade exit legend. The luminaires utilise a polycarbonate body and lens and are available with white LED light sources.

Ease of installation is assured due to the adjustable arms that swing out and clamp down onto the supporting surface.

The optional exit panel is moulded with a wedge shape to improve the luminance distribution over the legends. The plain lens seals the recessed enclosure to IP65 (IP21 for EXIT version).

Fusion LED luminaires are available with DALI and self-test.

DALI and Self-Test logos


Aviator-HO LED – IP65 high light output luminaires

Supplied with an IP65 rated off-white polycarbonate base and attractive polycarbonate fresnel lens, Aviator-HO LED luminaires provide 800 lumen output. The fresnel lens creates cost effective opportunities to minimise the number of luminaires required within an installation.

Aviator-HO luminaires can be surface mounted or semi-recessed and are ideal for exterior and industrial applications where higher illuminance levels are required.

DALI Self-Test logos


Finesse – Slim LED Bulkhead Luminaires

The Finesse range offers an attractive, slim, IP rated enclosure suitable for semi-flush or surface mounting with white LED light sources. Finesse luminaires utilise a polycarbonate body and lens with linear prisms providing wide intensity distribution.

Finesse luminaires are available with an alternative lens which has a slot retaining an injection moulded legend blade.

Finesse LED is available with DALI and self-test.

DALI and Self-Test logos