Bulkhead lighting - putting safety first

For spaces and escape routes which need to be visible to ensure safety, a robust and functional solution is required. Bulkhead lights are a popular and practical solution for those common areas that need hardy, reliable, low-maintenance lighting.

LED bulkheads are the commercial product of choice because they are an industry standard, cost-effective entry level to emergency lighting due to their flexibility.

LED bulkheads can provide the required duration of emergency lighting required during a power failure. This provides peace of mind and ensures safety during a potential crisis.

Bulkhead Products

IP65 high light output luminaires
IP65 LED Bulkhead/Exit Sign
IP65 LED Bulkhead/Exit Sign
Slim LED Bulkhead Luminaires
Bulkhead and Exit Sign

Bulkhead lights

Whatever your project, we stock a wide range of emergency LED bulkheads for your needs.  This practical solution for lighting those important areas varies in design and comes with an array of options to dovetail with your requirements. These include:

Suitable for smaller or more flush surfaces and utilises space without compromising light.

Exit signs
Flexible options are available and can be supplied with an optional blade or self-adhesive legend kit.

High output
Providing 800 lumen output, these are popular choices for industrial settings.

Providing up to 800 lumens output, these can work with normal mains lighting but will provide emergency lighting in the event of the loss of mains supply.

These can come complete with an integral automatic test function and have the option of working together with a DALI control system.

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John from Middlesex says, “We contacted ELP to help troubleshoot a bespoke problem we came up against during an installation.  Not only were they able to provide us with a quick, knowledgeable solution, but they had the exact product we needed delivered to us the next day.”

Sanjit from London says, “I care about the longevity of every product I have installed in my projects.  ELP delivers high-quality emergency lighting equipment at reasonable costs.  I would highly recommend them for long-term savings.”

Dave in Edinburgh says, “If you are looking for emergency lighting products then you need to speak to these guys.  The safety of our end users is of paramount importance, and we know that ELP care as much about this as they do our custom.”

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