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Whether you are looking for costings or to install new commercial luminaires, the first thing you need to do is check you are working with a company that provides products that comply with UK regulations. Don’t worry, we do.

We supply lighting for across a plethora of industries including leisure, retail, hospitality, entertainment, hotels, transport, education and public spaces.  In fact, we practice what we preach and have our head office luminated by our range. Why wouldn’t we?

If there is any form of power failure or blackout, then you need to ensure you have the correct commercial luminaires installed.  These lights will kick-in when all other electricity is out and provide guidance to emergency escape routes.

Our range of commercial lighting have options of mains only, DALI dimmable, fitted with a sensor, and having the addition of maintain emergency operation.

Luminaire Products

IP65 LED Circular Luminaires
Circular LED Luminaires
Circular LED Luminaires
Recessed LED Pannels
Surface Mounted Batten Luminaire

Commercial Emergency Luminaire Options

There are many things to consider when choosing commercial lighting.  These include: 

  • Energy efficiency 
  • Control systems and dimming 
  • Integrated emergency 
  • Lifespan of the product 
  • Lumen output 
  • Durability 
  • Initial outlay 
  • Maintenance costs 
  • Design features 
  • Versatility 
  • Suitability

Our circular luminaire range has a selection of features and options, including:

  • Surface mounted  
  • Recessed 
  • A selection of diameters  
  • LED 
  • IP65 
  • Self-testing 
  • Sensors 
  • Dimming controls 
  • Integrated emergency 

However, you prioritise the most important functions of your commercial luminaires, we will be able to supply you with the right light for that the job.

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John from Middlesex says, “We contacted ELP to help troubleshoot a bespoke problem we came up against during an installation.  Not only were they able to provide us with a quick, knowledgeable solution, but they had the exact product we needed delivered to us the next day.”

Sanjit from London says, “I care about the longevity of every product I have installed in my projects.  ELP delivers high-quality emergency lighting equipment at reasonable costs.  I would highly recommend them for long-term savings.”

Dave in Edinburgh says, “If you are looking for emergency lighting products then you need to speak to these guys.  The safety of our end users is of paramount importance, and we know that ELP care as much about this as they do our custom.”

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