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Emergency Lighting Products Ltd (ELP) is a recognised supplier of quality Emergency Lighting equipment to Lighting Manufacturers, Fire Equipment suppliers, Electrical Contractors and specialised Electrical Wholesalers.

ELP UK differentiates itself from other Emergency Lighting Manufacturers by the superior levels of expertise and service that it offers.

Established in 1995 ELP has consistently designed, developed and manufactured the highest quality emergency lighting products to suit every conceivable lighting application.

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advanced emergency lighting test system

Standalone emergency lighting test system providing fully interoperable DALI monitoring, testing and reporting to BS EN 62034.

Innovative full-colour touch screen makes setting up test schedules or checking test results very simple.

Each SurePath panel connects to up to 128 devices. Bespoke SureLink software provides a fully scalable system for larger installations.

Exit Signs
Commercial Luminaires
Amenity Luminaires
LED Equipment
Conversion Equipment
Testing Equipment
Twin Floods

From bulkheads and exit signs to emergency lighting conversion and test equipment, we likely have the solution for your application.

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ELP LED equipment
ELP LED equipment
ELP Exit Signs - Mexodus
Exit Signs
ELP Conversion Equipment
ELP Conversion Equipment
ELP Commercial Luminaire - Nautilus 2
ELP Commercial Luminaires
ELP Testing Equipment - SurePath
ELP Testing Equipment - SurePath
ELP Amenity Luminaires
ELP Amenity Luminaires
ELP TwinFloods
ELP TwinFloods

PanelLED Recessed LED Panels

Available in mains-only or maintained emergency versions, PanelLED recessed LED luminaires provide aesthetic simplicity, high light output, low-energy and long-life from a very slim package.


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Self-Contained LED Downlight

The Access unit offers a simple method of providing discreet emergency lighting in areas that require a surface mounted or recessed self-contained solution.

Access self-contained LED downlight


Architectural LED Exit Signs

The Mexodus range of high quality LED exit sign luminaires is perfectly suited to modern architectural environments.

Offering ease of installation, these exit sign luminaires have an attractive flat design with the exit legend being framed by a high quality aluminium extrusion.

Mexodus architectural LED exit-signs


IP65 LED Bulkhead and Exit Sign

Neat and compact, the Brilas LED Bulkhead utilises an IP65 rated polycarbonate base and lens. These are specifically designed to maximise the distribution from the enclosed 16 high output white LEDs and appropriate drive circuit.

The Brilas is available with a ‘hanging blade’ Exit Sign panel or self-adhesive legend kits.


LED Downlights

Ideal for use where projects require the advantages of low energy/long life LEDs packaged in standard downlight products. Suitable for use in plasterboard ceilings and ceiling tiles.

Choose from two simple and attractive solutions.