Emergency Lighting Products (ELP)

Welcome to Emergency Lighting Products Ltd (ELP). Working with us means safety and peace of mind for you, and ultimately, if disaster strikes, it safeguards the lives of your clients.

One-stop Solution

We are very well known and recognised in the industry for supplying high-quality products that use the very best components. We comply to vital European standards like EN60598.2.22 and all our products are manufactured within a ISO9001 2015 registered factory. Safety and performance are paramount for us which is why we are recognised suppliers of many lighting manufacturers, fire equipment suppliers, electrical contractors, specialised electrical wholesalers, and more.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, we continue to offer unrivalled customer service, a wealth of expertise, and pride ourselves on our speedy delivery times. No other emergency lighting company continues to strive to offer the greatest range of state-of-the-art products to suit every imaginable lighting need the way we do.

Our Products


Low-maintenance, reliable commercial lighting solutions.


Emergence signage in the event of power supply failure.


Commercial lighting products to comply with UK regulations.


Mainsonly and emergency LED amenity lighting products.

Twin Floods

Twin spot emergency lighting to suit all requirements.


LED emergency downlights offer a versatile safety solution.


Convert mains to emergency lighting with our conversion products.

Power Systems

Central Battery Control Systems with SMART VISIO Technology.

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Peace of Mind

Trust in the quality of our emergency lighting products to meet your health and safety requirements.

Wired & bluetooth mesh wireless emergency lighting test system

Standalone emergency lighting test system providing fully interoperable DALI monitoring, testing and reporting to BS EN 62034.

Bluetooth Mesh wireless (SurePathBLE) or Hard Wired (SurePath) connectivity. Innovative full-colour touch screen makes setting up test schedules or checking test results very simple.

Each SurePath/SurePathBLE panel connects to up to 128 devices. Bespoke SureLink software provides a fully scalable system for larger installations.

Enhanced Product Data

Extensive product data is freely available on this website. This includes general and operation specifications, spacing tables, order codes and dimensioned drawings (where applicable). 


John from Middlesex says, “We contacted ELP to help troubleshoot a bespoke problem we came up against during an installation.  Not only were they able to provide us with a quick, knowledgeable solution, but they had the exact product we needed delivered to us the next day.”

Sanjit from London says, “I care about the longevity of every product I have installed in my projects.  ELP delivers high-quality emergency lighting equipment at reasonable costs.  I would highly recommend them for long-term savings.”

Dave in Edinburgh says, “If you are looking for emergency lighting products then you need to speak to these guys.  The safety of our end users is of paramount importance, and we know that ELP care as much about this as they do our custom.”

Rely on us to help you