Our Emergency Light Products

We design and develop high-quality, reliable, specialised emergency light products to suit any lighting application.

Our emergency lighting is created from the very best components that far exceed the quality of other similar products on the market. Manufactured within an ISO9001 2015 registered factory, our products fully comply with the appropriate UK and European Directives and are UKCA and CE marked.

We pride ourselves on our fast and efficient turnaround, getting your products where you need them, when you need them. We can deliver straight to you, or directly to your end user. Direct shipping can be handled on an anonymous, confidential basis incorporating your own delivery paperwork.

CTA: Interested in purchasing emergency light products for your project? We’d love to hear from you.

Our Products

We offer products for every requirement and our emergency lighting solutions meet all vital safety and performance criteria, offering peace of mind for you and your customers.

SurePath Testing

Wired and Bluetooth Wireless
Emergency Lighting Testing

Conversion Kits

LED Conversion Products


A powerful motion sensor for LED lights

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John from Middlesex says, “We contacted ELP to help troubleshoot a bespoke problem we came up against during an installation.  Not only were they able to provide us with a quick, knowledgeable solution, but they had the exact product we needed delivered to us the next day.”

Sanjit from London says, “I care about the longevity of every product I have installed in my projects.  ELP delivers high-quality emergency lighting equipment at reasonable costs.  I would highly recommend them for long-term savings.”

Dave in Edinburgh says, “If you are looking for emergency lighting products then you need to speak to these guys.  The safety of our end users is of paramount importance, and we know that ELP care as much about this as they do our custom.”

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