Specialist Emergency Light Manufacturing Services

Our dynamic emergency light manufacturing capabilities mean we provide a comprehensive range of quality products either off-the-shelf or bespoke for your project’s needs.

From our headquarters in Sussex, our skilled team manufactures a huge range of emergency lighting products using high-quality components, with very short lead times. If we can get your product to you the next day we will.

Our light manufacturing services include:

  • Bulkheads
  • Exit signs
  • Twin floods
  • Conversion equipment
  • Downlights
  • Central power systems
  • Testing systems
  • Commercial luminaires

We are a recognised supplier and manufacturer of quality emergency lighting equipment. We create products for a number of sectors including electrical contractors, fire equipment suppliers, and specialised electrical wholesalers.

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Bulkhead manufacturing

Our hard-wearing bulkheads are suitable for use in harsh environments and provide a practical emergency output at a reasonable price. They are all available with LED light sources as standard, in slimline and miniature variations, and with exit sign attachments.

Exit Sign manufacturing

We’re an exit sign manufacturer with years of expertise. Our exit signs are available with the latest LED technology that enables us to produce a range of slimline, recessed, wall mounted, suspended, ceiling mounted and end mounted fittings.

Twin Floods manufacturing

Ideal for use in warehouses, swimming pools and other high ceiling environments, our twin floods are hard-wearing with weatherproof options available.

LED emergency downlights manufacturing

ELP emergency downlights are available in both surface mounted and recessed versions, with a choice of DALI, self-test, or standard emergency options. Our surface mounted product includes an integrated emergency pack. For the recessed options the separate emergency pack can be fitted through-hole, meaning it can be fitted without requiring direct access to the ceiling void.

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John from Middlesex says, “We contacted ELP to help troubleshoot a bespoke problem we came up against during an installation.  Not only were they able to provide us with a quick, knowledgeable solution, but they had the exact product we needed delivered to us the next day.”

Sanjit from London says, “I care about the longevity of every product I have installed in my projects.  ELP delivers high-quality emergency lighting equipment at reasonable costs.  I would highly recommend them for long-term savings.”

Dave in Edinburgh says, “If you are looking for emergency lighting products then you need to speak to these guys.  The safety of our end users is of paramount importance, and we know that ELP care as much about this as they do our custom.”

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