Fully accredited emergency light testing

Emergency light testing is essential to ensure that emergency lighting products are working as they should, and in compliance with safety standards.

We are committed to providing some of the best quality emergency lighting on the market. Comprehensive testing is undertaken at all stages of the design, manufacturing and conversion processes to ensure that every product that leaves us is in full working order.

End of line testing

End of line testing is undertaken on every single product that we manufacture. This involves electric-strength tests and function tests. Earth continuity tests are also undertaken on class 1 luminaires. These tests ensure each product is functioning properly and safely.

EMC testing

EMC testing takes place to ensure that EMC performance complies with EMC directives. This applies to both standard and converted products. It is particularly relevant when converting from mains to emergency operation.

Temperature testing

Temperature testing is undertaken to ensure that both existing and conversion components – including batteries – do not exceed maximum operating temperatures. Excessive temperatures will reduce the working life of the components. This applies to emergency control gear, emergency luminaires and re-engineered luminaires.

Why UK businesses need emergency light testing

Just as emergency lighting products require rigorous testing, all emergency lighting systems must be periodically tested to ensure full compliance with safety standards. UK emergency light testing requirements state that organisations have to test all standby lighting on a monthly basis to ensure they switch on correctly.

Additionally, more extensive annual tests must be carried out to ensure emergency lighting systems remain fit for purpose.

For businesses that do not have the time or expertise to carry out their own manual emergency light testing, there are now systems available meaning you can fully comply with legislation while keeping people safe. 

We offer the Surepath and SurepathBLE emergency lighting test systems. These carry out function and duration tests automatically on scheduled dates and times, providing testing and reporting to BS EN 62034.

Find out more about our automatic emergency light testing systems.

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