A powerful motion sensor for LED lights

Adding a motion sensor to maintained emergency lighting provides the same automatic illumination as traditional lighting systems, but saves on energy consumption and costs as the lights are only used when they are needed. Our PS-RS02 Microwave Motion Detector for LED lights is an active detector, using microwave rays to sense movement. The detector is fully adjustable, with users able to programme their own sensitivity, daylight detection and ‘on’ period settings.

What are the benefits of a microwave motion sensor for LED lights?

Microwave motion sensors have many clear advantages over their rivals including:

  • Detecting movement over longer distances
  • Detecting movement across material boundaries, including thin metal, reducing the need for motion detectors in every room
  • Better for use in large or awkwardly shaped spaces
  • Don’t rely on heat signatures, so are more reliable in hot conditions

Sensor Products

Microwave Motion Detector

The PS-RS02 Microwave Motion Detector

Our PS-RS02 Microwave Motion Detector emits high-frequency electro-magnetic energy (5.8GHz) and receives the echo from movements in the detection zone. If the sensor picks up activity, the internal microprocessor triggers and connects the load to the supply, enabling the ‘on’ command and illuminating the LED. 

Features of the PS-RS02 Microwave Motion Detector:

  • Detect movement across long distances of up to 10 metres
  • Detect movement through thin metal and other building materials such as office partitions
  • Switch lights from a dimmed level to full output when someone enters the area
  • Keep LED turned on all the time there is movement in the area
  • Adjust for sensitivity, daylight detection and ‘on’ period
  • Choose whether the luminaire will switch off or revert to a dimmed level when activity is no longer detected

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