Architectural Exit Signs

The Maestro range has been developed to offer a direct replacement for the old ‘metal box’ exit signs and will even cover the area marked on a wall when an old box sign is removed.

Maestro provides an excellent viewing distance of 36 metres and although still a ‘box’ design it is very thin (45mm maximum) and much more attractive than conventional exit boxes.

Maestro Exit Sign luminaires feature attractive polycarbonate enclosures with front and downward illumination via a diffused panel and ‘clip?in’ safety sign legend screens.

The integral rechargeable batteries and charger/driver PCB are mounted on the back surface and the advanced wide angle white LEDs provide even and effective illuminance across the legend.

The Maestro range is supplied with Maintained operation as standard providing 3 hour duration. (Non?maintained operation is available by excluding a switched live supply).

Clip?in pictogram legend panels complying with the EC Safety Signs Regulations and latest ISO sign requirements are available.

The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include longlife (typically 50,000 hours+) and excellent energy efficiency (>100lm/W).

The bright and even luminance across the legend panel ensures maximum visibility in the event of an emergency.

NOTE: Maestro luminaires can be equipped with SurePath BLE Bluetooth addressable Gateway modules. Maestro luminaires comply to EN60598.2.22.

DALI/Self-Test Options:
The Maestro luminaires can be specified with integral DALI/Self-Test gear providing automatic Self-Test in accordance with BSEN 62034 or fully interoperable DALI operation when connected to a DALI control system.

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

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