Long-Life- LED Exit Signs

The Maxim LED exit sign is an attractive, specifiable product that offers long life and low energy with excellent performance. These very slim wall mounted luminaires feature a welded steel housing providing a ‘picture frame’ appearance around the bright and evenly illuminated safety sign panel.

The Maxim exit sign luminaires provide smaller physical dimensions than conventional fluorescent exit signs making installations more attractive. However, the Maxim LED exit signs still provide a useful 25 metre viewing distance.

The back plate mounts on the wall using simple keyhole slots or via the central BESA entry. The front cover then simply hooks onto the back plate and is retained with a single fixture at the base.

The front cover is supplied in textured white as standard and a textured silver grey finish is also available.

Maxim LED exit signs are available with DALI and self-test.

The Maxim exit sign features an internal reflector and the sign panel features matrix dot coating to ensure that the 12 x white LEDs evenly illuminate the safety sign legend. The design makes the best possible use of the size and performance benefits provided from the latest LED technology.

All Maxim exit sign luminaires incorporate long-life, high-brightness white LEDs with a typical life expectancy of over 50,000 hours. (NB: Self-test, DALI and 24 volt versions are also available).

Standard Maxim luminaires are supplied with integral Maintained emergency lighting control gear powering the 12 high brightness white LEDs which clearly and evenly illuminate the safety sign legends. In the event of a power failure the Maxim LED exit sign continues to operate with the same sign Luminance for 3 hours from the internal NiMH battery.

All Maxim luminaires comply with the relevant requirements of EN60598.2.22.

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

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