Central Power Systems

Static Inverter and Central Battery Systems

Static Inverter and Central Battery Systems are available to suit specific project demands.

Both systems provide emergency lighting at full power – as opposed to at reduced output from standalone, self-contained luminaires and fittings.

All ELP Central Power Systems utilise either high quality ten year life Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries or low maintenance twenty five year Vented Nickel Cadmium batteries. The systems are specifically designed for emergency lighting applications.

Slave versions of the standard luminaire range can be ordered plus standard mains luminaires can be converted for connection to Central Systems by using the inverter modules.

Static Inverters

STATIC INVERTERS provide a convenient solution where no-nonsense emergency lighting is required for small applications.

SPS Central Battery System

SPS Static Inverters offer a range of outputs with both 1 and 3 hour operation.

SPS is a modular system so can be scaled – networking is via standard RJ45/Cat 6 connections. They provide full monitoring and have no on-going running costs.


SafePower Static Inverter is a compact entry level unit that doesn’t require commissioning.

SafePower is ideal for small applications (150 watts) with high risk (eg operating theatres, outdoor lighting) and it provides full emergency lighting for 3 hours.

Central Battery Systems

An advanced, reliable and user-friendly AC/DC Central Battery System that complies with EN 50171 and EN 50172.

The ELP Central Battery System (CBS) can monitor circuits, luminaires or both.

An integral controller supervises the operation and status of the entire system, and registers all events in compliance with EN 50172. A wide range of luminaire control options enable easy modification of functions as and when required by the user.

The operating mode of a luminaire is set at the controller or via SMART VISIO software and the required mode can be configured at any time. A built-in timer can also be used to trigger regular activities eg night-time luminaire modes.

Central Battery Systems
  • Modular design for quick assembly
  • Luminaire and circuit monitoring
  • Can be configured to match fire zone layouts
  • Each luminaire, circuit and control mode can be individually labelled/named
  • Fully-programmable function and preset function keys
  • Temperature and voltage monitoring

Control Gear

SIM240 Changeover Module

SIM240 static inverter changeover modules eliminate problems that can occur when switching between the standard and the static inverter supplies.

LM-CB emergency control gear

LM-CB central battery emergency LED control gear allows for hold-off or slave operation of low power LED modules.

LD-CB emergency control gear

LD-CB emergency LED module allows maintained operation of high power LED modules or arrays.