ELP Central Battery System (CBS)

Can monitor circuits, luminaires or both.

An advanced, reliable and user-friendly AC/DC Central Battery System that complies with EN 50171 and EN 50172.

The ELP Central Battery System (CBS) can monitor circuits, luminaires or both.

An integral controller supervises the operation and status of the entire system, and registers all events in compliance with EN 50172. A wide range of luminaire control options enable easy modification of functions as and when required by the user. The operating mode of a luminaire is set at the controller or via SMART VISIO software and the required mode can be configured at any time. A built-in timer can also be used to trigger regular activities eg night-time luminaire modes.

An intelligent charger controls the charging process and protects the batteries from damage. Thanks to the use of an active PFC function, fixed operating costs are considerably reduced.

The CBS can be flexibly adapted to any building or facility by following the routeing of emergency lighting circuits.

The whole system will not fail if the central control unit is damaged, because its substations will take over the control of branch circuits and luminaires, which considerably increases the safety level in the building or facility.

Routine periodic tests, the event log and system configuration data can be stored on an SD memory card provided with the unit. Additionally, all that data is stored in the non-volatile memory of the control unit.


  • Modular design for quick assembly
  • Freely-programmable operating modes for each circuit (circuit monitoring)
  • Freely-programmable operating mode for each luminaire, irrespective of the circuit settings
  • Luminaire and circuit monitoring
  • Can be configured to match fire zone layouts
  • Each luminaire, circuit and control mode can be individually labelled/named
  • Four fully-programmable function keys and four preset function keys
  • Temperature and voltage monitoring of single accumulator

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

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