ICEL registered conversion house

ELP Ltd (Emergency Lighting Products) is proud to be an ICEL registered conversion house. We have a highly experienced conversion service with sufficient capacity to tackle high volumes but also more than happy to work with very low volumes.


Since we are ISO 9001:2008 audited, we are able to convert your existing product to emergency operation use and re-CE mark it afterwards.

We can convert any light fitting – fluorescent, tungsten and LED – whatever the light source. If your product is too small to enable internal fitting of the conversion components we can fit via a remote box.

The conversion process . . .

Conversion of mains fittings for emergency lighting operation is a fast and efficient service that is undertaken in a thorough and systematic manner. Upon delivery of the product it is inspected for damage prior to any work being carried out. The product is then converted by specialists using our high-quality, tried and tested components. The finished fitting is then thoroughly tested, including for heat issues, before being repacked.

Shipping can be done direct to your end user or back to yourselves. Direct shipping can be handled on an anonymous, confidential basis incorporating your own delivery paperwork.

Whatever light fitting you have that requires conversion, call us today and we’re confident you will entrust your product to us.

Our ISO 9001:2008 audit means we can re-CE mark your product after conversion!