SPS Static Inverter Central Battery Systems

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SPS Static Inverter Central Battery System units provide a 230 VAC supply in the event of loss of the normal mains supply. SPS is designed to operate third party mains luminaires at full output as either maintained, switched maintained or non-maintained luminaires for 3 hours.

SPS features five models with maximum power output ranging from 99W to 574W.

Compact SPS units incorporate an inverter which provides and maintains the voltage of 230 VAC ±3% (50Hz) on all output circuits. These are either from the normal mains supply or, in the effect of a mains failure, the integral 2 x 12 volt 10 year Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries.

SPS complies with the requirements of BS EN 50171 (central power supply systems) and BS EN 62034 (automatic test systems for battery powered emergency escape lighting).

All SPS systems are protected against extensive load and short circuit and the output circuits are continuously monitored and any failure is clearly identified on the front panel. As standard, SPS are equipped with a number of functions that can be programmed by means of the built-in www server and, optionally, a networking application.

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