Low Power Static Inverter Systems (SafePower)

The SafePower range offers a choice of mini static inverter power supplies for the operation of a wide range of mains voltage lighting equipment (eg mains voltage GLS & compact fluorescent lamps, small HID, LED etc). The SafePower units are supplied with robust enclosures and utilise high quality 5 year life Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries. The mini static inverters can be supplied with maintained outputs or used solely as standby supplies.

Datasheet (PDF)
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‘PS’ models offer Pure Sine Wave outputs suitable for all electronic transformers, switch-mode power supplies etc.

‘SI’ models utilise a modified Sine Wave output suitable for tungsten loads, wire wound transformers and any standard ‘resistive’ loads.

The maximum rated loads are based on the full circuit VA of the equipment connected.

(Example: a 3 Watt LED connected to a typical mains driver will have a circuit load of app. 7VA).