Self-contained LED Downlight

The Access self-contained LED Downlighter really does have it all.

The Access unit offers a simple method of providing discreet emergency lighting in areas that require a surface mounted or recessed self-contained solution.

Supplied with a ‘clip-in’ symmetrical wide angle lens or asymmetrical ‘corridor’ lens for escape routes (both supplied) the Access downlight simply requires a permanent 230 Volt supply to provide effective non-maintained emergency lighting with 3 hour duration.

The surface or recessed mounting enclosure houses an ‘intelligent’ proSeries DALI/Self-Test LED driver and a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFe) battery. A Nichia ‘3 watt’ high power white LED is mounted in the fascia plate in conjunction with a choice of wide angle or ‘corridor’ distribution lens.

The Lithium Iron battery technology ensures long life without the thermal concerns associated with the more common Nickel Metal Hydride battery technology.

Fully integrated components and the latest software ensure that the Access luminaire can be connected to any approved DALI control system. When the mains supply is initially connected, the Access circuit initiates the Self-Test commissioning mode and then activates the weekly and annual test routine starting at random times to ensure tests do not get carried out simultaneously in the same areas. Faults such as charge failure, battery failure, etc. will be indicated locally by a bi-colour LED. The Access luminaire will continually be prepared for a DALI signal even when operating in Self-Test mode. If a DALI signal is received the Self-Test mode will be disabled and the circuit will adopt full DALI mode.

Standard DALI/Self-Test

Incorporating tried and tested emergency driver technology from the ELP proSeries, the Access downlight offers self-contained, non-maintained operation emergency lighting with integral automatic Self-Test or DALI communication from a single product.

The enclosure may be surface mounted or recessed into the supporting surface. With either mounting option the Access is both discreet and attractive.

Finished in white or black fire retardant plastic the Access blends in with the other architectural furniture.

The excellent performance allows the units to be mounted at very wide spacings making installation simple and cost effective. NOTE: Access luminaires can be equipped with SurePath BLE Bluetooth addressable Gateway modules.

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

Have a question about a product or specification? Drop us a note…

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