TwinFlood Projector LuminairesTwinFlood Projector Luminaires

TwinFlood – Projector Luminaires

The TWINFLOOD range offers simple and effective emergency lighting from robust high intensity projectors.

Available for indoor or exterior installations and with a choice of glass or polycarbonate lenses the TWINFLOOD units are ideal for a wide range of applications. The projector heads are also available separately for remote mounting complete with terminal box.

TWINFLOOD units are supplied with high quality 5 year life Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries.


The TWINFLOOD units are supplied as standard with non-maintained operation. The twin 20 watt versions provide 3 hour duration from the integral VRLA batteries. Twin 55 watt versions provide 1 hour duration and have glass fronts.

The units fully comply to the requirements of EN60598.2.22.