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Testing Systems

There are two main methods of automatic testing for emergency products, SELF-TEST and CENTRAL TEST.

Conversion of mains luminaires and most of the standard luminaire products can be supplied with SELF-TEST or CENTRAL TEST options. These systems offer several benefits to the building owner/tenant and provide real financial savings over the life of the emergency lighting installation.

SELF-TEST versions should comply with the requirements of EN62034.

Generally, the equipment incorporates a micro-processor which initiates functional tests monthly and full duration tests annually.

ELP offers the STM independent self-test module (also see proSeries DALI and Self-Test equipment).

The STM intelligent module carries out a sequence of diagnostic tests and indicates any failure by a flashing amber LED and an intermittent buzzer.

The SELF-TEST versions need no additional wiring and provide a simple and effective method of meeting the test requirements of BS5266.