RGT Refurbishment GeartraysRGT Refurbishment Geartrays

Refurbishment Geartrays

During routine maintenance visits, lighting engineers are often faced with trying to establish why an existing or old emergency luminaire is not working.

The possible causes could relate to breakdown faults within 3 complex and expensive components, each individually taking a considerable amount of time to replace.

Changing the complete luminaire is not normally an option because of potential damage to the décor and difficulty in finding new luminaires which match the existing installation.

The RGT Refurbishment Geartray has been specifically developed by ELP to provide a quick, efficient replacement for all of the internal equipment in a wide range of circular, square and rectangular luminaires.

Fully complete, the RGT geartray mounts on two universal brackets requiring just two fixing holes to be located in the luminaire base. The RGT comes fully finished with integral HF ballast/emergency lighting inverter and high temperature Nickle Cadmium batteries.

Two versions, one for 16, 21, 28 Watt lamps and a second version for 38 Watt 2D lamps are available (lamps are not included but are available separately). The 2D lamps run at full light output on normal mains supply and at approximately 18% of normal output in emergency mode.

The RGT units are supplied complete with fixing brackets and individually packed making them ideal for holding in stock or for issuing to mobile engineers.