LDI LED light pods

Miniature Open Area Downlights (LDI Range)

The LDl3/18 is a small and very discreet LED light pod with an injection moulded thermally conductive plastic body acting as a very effective heat sink and incorporating an 18mm thread and lock nut for simple installation.
NB: Requires 18.5mm clearance hole with access to the rear.

The LDl3/18 light pods (silver or white front bezel) offer two distribution types.

LDl3/18/105 (WIDE BEAM)
The LDl3/18/105 light pod offers 105 degree wide angle lens configuration ideal for illumination of open areas with mounting heights below 3.5m.

The LDl3/18/C light pod offers a dissymmetric lens providing a narrow beam across the width of a corridor and extremely wide (batwing) distribution along the length of the corridor.

For emergency lighting applications the LDl3/18 light pods offer an /RG version which incorporates an integral green/red bi-colour indicator suitable for emergency or Self-Test/DALI emergency operation.

Datasheet (PDF)
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