LMpro moduleLMpro module

Maintained Low Power LED Emergency Equipment with DALI/Self-Test (LMpro)

The LMpro Kits provide maintained (mains and emergency operation) of either one or two LEDs connected in series.

Where a single mains/emergency driver is required with Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI the LMpro modules should be specified.

The LMpro range offers a low-profile charger/ inverter module with High temperature Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries to suit the application. (sub-C cell NiCd batteries are supplied as standard).

LMpro modules are available with or without cable restraints providing an ideal solution for use as built-in or independent control gear. The modules feature high quality constant current driver circuits and integral change-over from the normal mains driver circuit to emergency operation whenever the permanent live supply is lost.

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The LMpro module includes fully tested and approved DALI control/reporting. Fully integrated components and the latest software ensure that the LMpro equipment can be connected to any approved DALI control system.

All ELP proSeries modules feature software that permanently ‘listens’ for DALI signals. With no DALI signal present during initial connection the modules will operate in Self-Test automatically initiating a commissioning mode and then at random times commencing the weekly and annual tests in accordance with EN62034. The built-in real time intelligence ensures that faults such as charge failure, battery failure, etc. will be indicated immediately. However, the LMpro module will continually be prepared for a DALI signal which, if received, will result in the Self-Test mode being disabled and the module reverting to the DALI protocol. This means that the LMpro module can be connected to a DALI system at anytime and the module can then be addressed and form part of the DALI installation immediately.

As with all ELP equipment the LMpro modules are designed for ease of installation offering compact dimensions and push-wire terminals.

NB: All plastic cased LMpro modules will be supplied with the H222 detachable terminal cover/cable restraint kits.