Low Voltage Conversion Equipment (THK)

The THK range offers a choice of low voltage power packs for the operation of LV Tungsten Halogen or LED downlights.

The range includes a single enclosure unit (suitable for applications where access is not limited), a two piece version allowing the whole unit to be passed through an 80mm diameter ceiling cut-out and multi-piece versions (PTH) for 65mm cutouts (6 volt) and 120mm cut-outs (12 volt).

All THK units utilise high quality 5year life Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries and can be supplied with or without a mains transformer for normal switchable lighting.

The THK units can be used for non-maintained or maintained operation and versions are available complete with electronic transformer for normal switched lighting. The standard units provide a 6volt emergency supply to under-run the lamp which improves uniformity in the emergency lighting application (avoids uneven ‘light/dark/light’ illuminance along the escape route). Full output 12 volt versions are also available.

THK units fully comply to the relevant parts of EN60598.2.22.