LDM moduleLDM module

LDM – LED Array Emergency Control Gear

LDM Range

The ELP ENEC marked LDM emergency LED control gear allows emergency lighting operation of high-power LED modules when used in conjunction with the standard mains voltage LED control gear.

The emergency control gear incorporates a module/charger and a high temperature Nickel Cadmium or Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. In the event of a mains failure an integral 2-pole relay disconnects the LED lighting load from the mains control gear and then connects it to the emergency control gear which operates the LED module at an optimum light output for the rated duration.


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To ensure the correct operation of each type of LED module the correct LDM equipment should be selected.

The total forward operating voltages of the LED module/arrays connected should be used to determine the appropriate LDM control gear. For the appropriate battery, indicator LED etc., see Order Codes.

Note: All LDM modules can be equipped with SurePath BLE Bluetooth addressable Gateway modules.

  • The LED current in emergency mode is automatically adjusted for maximum light output and is constant for the entire rated duration.
  • Smart charging of both Nickel Cadmium and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries. NB: Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries offer long life (up to 10 years).
  • Details are logged of any mains failures to assist in the diagnostics of any site issues.
  • The LDM range is available with fully interoperable DALI control and reporting function. These DALI versions indicated by the suffix D, also provide automatic Self-Test when no DALI bus is connected.

It is important to note that some LED mains control gear should not be operated with an open circuit load, to overcome this problem the LDM range features a live in/ live out relay which ensures the load is in place before the mains driver is powered up.

In Self-test mode the function and duration tests will take place at randomised times. If required, testing can be programmed to occur at a designated time by turning the unswitched supply off and on 3 times in 10 seconds at the required time. Note: The function test will occur weekly at the same time.

VoltagesOrder Codes
12 - 90VLDM90, LDM90D, LDM90MO, LD90MOD, LDM90HO, LDM90HOD
60 - 200VLDM200, LDM200D, LDM200MO, LDM200MOD, LDM200HO, LDM200HOD
EnvironmentalProtection against electric shock
Secondary outputs - SELV for output voltage < 100V
Ingress protection
Module rated operating ambient temperature
-20°C to 50°C
Battery rated operating ambient temperature
0°C to 55°C
Maximum case temperature
Mains OperationRated voltage supply
220/240V AC
Mains frequency
Mains supply current
Mains supply power
4 watts
Power factor
Mains overvoltage protection
320 volts for 1 hour
Indicator LED
2 wire green colour - standard LDM
2 wire red/green - DALI LDM
Maximum power that can be switched via relay contacts
150 watts
Maximum current that can be switched via relay contacts
3 amps
Maximum voltage that can be switched via relay contacts
250V AC/220V DC
Emergency OperationEmergency duration
1 or 3 hours
Battery chemistry type
NiCd or LiFePO4
Number and type of high temperature cells
LDM90 and LDM90D

4 x NiCd 1.8Ah sub-C cells
LDM200 and LDM200D
5 x NiCd 1.8Ah sub-C cells
2 x LiFePO4 2.1Ah 22650 cells
2 x LiFePO4 3Ah 26650 cells
Battery recharge period
<24 hours
Time to full illuminance
<0.5 seconds
Short-circuit-proof battery connection, polarity reversal and deep discharge protection
Battery charge current
NiCd 1.8Ah sub-C cells 2 stage charge - boost/trickle
LiFePO4 2.1Ah and 3Ah cells - voltage dependent, constant current

100mA/70mA ±10%
0 - 150mA
Battery discharge current range (at nominal battery voltage)
NiCd 1.8Ah sub-C cells
LiFePO4 2.1Ah 26650 cells
LiFePO4 3Ah 26650 cells

360mA to 560mA (450mA)
475mA to 735mA (550mA)
650mA to 1000mA (750mA)
Module operating current - see separate graphs.
LDM90 and LDM90D

134mA to 19mA ±10%
200mA to 30mA ±10%
258mA to 41mA ±10%
LDM200 and LDM200D
33mA to 10mA ±10%
LDM200MO and LDM200MOD
40mA to 12mA ±10%
LDM200HO and LDM200HOD
57mA to 18mA ±10%
Module output voltage range (nominal power)
LDM90 and LDM90D

12V to 90V (1.6W)
12V to 90V (2.6W)
12V to 90V (3.5W)
LDM200 and LDM200D
60V to 200V (2.0W)
LDM200MO and LDM200MOD
60V to 200V (2.4W)
LDM200HO and LDM200HOD
60V to 200V (3.5W)
EOFI - dependant on LED module type
0.12 to 0.25
A record is kept of the number and length of emergency and mains operations - this information can be downloaded via the internal programming connector
MechanicalModule outside dimensions
178mm (L) x 30mm (W) x 21mm (H)
Fixing centres
Electrical connections
Push wire terminals
Standards ComplianceEN61347-1, EN61347-2-7, EN61347-2-13 and EN62384
EN62034*, EN62386-101*, EN62386-102* and EN62386-202*
Marks CE

The following codes should be used to order the appropriate module and batteries:

Emergency Lighting Control Gear

Order CodesDescription
LDM9012V to 90V Standard output module
LDM90D12V to 90V DALI/Self-Test standard output module
LDM90MO12V to 90V Medium output module
LDM90MOD12V to 90V DALI/Self-Test medium output module
LDM90HO12V to 90V High output module
LDM90HOD12V to 90V DALI/Self-Test high output module
LDM20060V to 200V Standard output module
LDM200D60V to 200V DALI/Self-Test standard output module
LDM200MO60V to 200V Medium output module
LDM200MOD60V to 200V DALI/Self-Test medium output module
LDM200HO60V to 200V High output module
LDM200HOD60V to 200V DALI/Self-Test high output module

NOTE: The suffix D is for DALI/Self-Test control gear


Order CodesDescription
(for LDM90 and LDM90D)

1 x 4 cell - NiCd 1.8Ah sub-C cells
B085 + B086
(for LDM200 and LDM200D)

1 x 2 cell + 1 x 3 cell sticks - NiCd 1.8Ah sub-C cells
(for LDM90MO, LDM90MOD, LDM200MO and LDM200MOD)

1 x 2 cell stick - LiFePO4 2.1Ah 22650 cells
(EN 62620 designation - IFpR2265 [1P2S] M060NA)
(for LDM90HO, LDM90HOD, LDM200HO and LDM200HOD)

1 x 2 cell stick - LiFePO4 3Ah 26650 cells
(EN 62620 designation - IFpR2665 [1P2S] M060NA)