PS-SS200 Infrared SensorPS-SS200 Infrared Sensor

Infrared Motion Detector Sensor (PS-SS200)

The PS-SS200 sensor is an active motion detector with adjustable sensitivity, daylight detection and ‘On’ period. The detector utilises an infrared sensor to detect thermal movement within the detection zone. An internal microprocessor then triggers and connects a Live supply to the lighting loads connected to the detector (‘On’ command).

The PS-SS200 infrared detector is designed for installation in ceilings up to 3.5metres high and movement can be detected within quite large detection zones (up to 10 metres diameter).

The PS-SS200 infrared detector is ideal for switching one or more lighting loads local to the detector when someone enters an area.

While there is movement in the area, the sensor will hold the load on. The sensor can be adjusted so that when movement stops the load will switch off after 8 seconds to 12 minutes.


The range is the distance of the circular detection zone produced on the ground in an open area adjacent to where the PS-SS02 sensor is mounted.

Minimum range – (approx. 2m) – is achieved with the sensitivity control turned fully clockwise.

Maximum range – (approx. 10m) – is set with the control turned full anticlockwise.

Note: The above detection distances are based on movement at a speed of 0.6 – 1.5m/sec.

Time ‘On’ setting

The luminaire can be set to stay ON for any period of time between approx. 8sec (control turned fully clockwise) and a maximum of 12min (control turned fully anticlockwise).

Any movement detected before the set time has elapsed will re-start the timer therefore holding the lighting on.

Note: After the light switches OFF, it takes approx. 1 second before the sensor will to start detecting movement again.

Daylight control setting

The light response threshold can be adjusted from approx. 2Lux to 2000Lux. Rotate the control fully clockwise to select dusk-to-dawn operation at about 2lux. Turn it fully anticlockwise to select daylight operation at about 2000lux.

Set-up/walk test

Set the Time ‘on’ control to minimum (fully clockwise) and the Daylight control to maximum (fully anticlockwise) to adjust the sensitivity/ range. Adjust the Sensitivity control, walk in the required detection area then re-adjust until the area is correctly monitored. Then adjust the daylight control to suit an appropriate ambient light level and finally set the ‘on’ time.

(NB: with fluorescent lamps it is advisable to let them operate for approx. 10minutes from each start).

Note: Adjust the rotational controls with care because the three potentiometers are connected directly to a PCB.

The ‘stops’ built into each of these components can easily be damaged.