High Power LED Emergency Equipment with DALI/Self-Test (LDpro)

Easy conversion of all modern LED luminaires plus integral Self-Test or DALI emergency lighting operation.

The LDpro emergency LED control gear allows maintained operation of high power LED modules or arrays when utilising the standard mains voltage LED control gear in-line with the emergency LED control gear.

LDpro modules incorporate a facility to provide automatic Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI interface with an appropriate DALI control system.

LDpro kits incorporate a Self-Test/DALI LED driver/charger module, high temperature Nickel Cadmium (or Nickel Metal Hydride) battery, required connectors and bi-colour indicator.

In the event of a mains failure, an integral relay disconnects the LED lighting load from the mains control gear and then connects it to the emergency control gear which operates the LED module/array at constant power providing a precise Emergency Ballast Lumen Factor throughout the entire duration of 3 hours.

The various high power LED modules utilise different arrays of LEDs connected in series or a combination of series and parallel, and the LDpro range can be configured to suit any of these.

Each LDpro module is configured for a maximum forward voltage and an optimum operating current. The LDpro modules will operate any LED requiring a forward voltage below the maximum rating of the module. However, for the best performance it is recommended that the LDpro module with the rated forward voltage closest to the LED rating is selected.

LD/LDpro Product Selector

Selecting the correct LDpro module can be a tricky business so we’ve developed an app to help you. All you need to know is the forward voltage and forward current for your application. The app will tell you which modules are suitable (in some cases there will be more than one) and also what EBLF figure you can expect to see. CLICK HERE for our LD/LDpro Product Selector.


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