LDR3 LED Light PodsLDR3 LED Light Pods

High Output LED Light Pods (LDR3 Range)

The LDR3 combines three high output 1 Watt LEDs in a clever reflector/lens assembly providing over 300 Lumens in total. The 45° beam angle intensity distribution will suit most applications providing even illuminance on the floor from a wide range of mounting heights.

The LDR3 units are suitable for mounting in most readily available MR16/50 Watt Tungsten Halogen luminaires and the design incorporates excellent thermal control ensuring that the LED junction temperatures are kept at optimal levels providing life expectancy of over 40,000 hours.


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  • Any 50 Watt Tungsten Halogen downlight housing can generally be used for mounting triple 1Watt LED light pod
  • LDR3 LED light pods offer 330Lumens from maintained or non-maintained emergency lighting driver units
  • Charge healthy indicator can be incorporated in the centre of the LDR3, downlight trim ring or remote driver enclosure
  • LDR3 LED light pods provide precise optical control
  • Typical life expectancy for the LDR3 is 40,000 hours continuous operation