Fluorescent Emergency Conversion Equipment with DALI/Self-Test (OMpro)

The standard fluorescent ECK (Emergency Conversion Kits) comprise an OM high quality emergency lighting inverter module and the appropriate battery pack.

Where Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI is required the OMpro module should be specified.

The OMpro range offers a low-profile charger/inverter module with High temperature Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries to suit the application.

As with standard OM or OM/LP modules the OMpro inverter modules provide ‘total isolation’ ie 5-pole control (featuring full 4 pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply) ensuring successful operation with all ballast types including HF and dimming.

The OMpro module includes fully tested and approved DALI control/reporting. Fully integrated components and the latest software ensure that the OMpro equipment can be connected to any approved DALI control system.

The integral software is constantly seeking DALI signals. When the mains supply is initially connected the modules operate in Self-Test mode in accordance with EN62034, automatically initiating a commissioning mode and then at random times commencing the weekly and annual test routine. The built-in real time intelligence ensures that faults such as charge failure, battery failure, etc. will be indicated immediately.

Even while in Self-Test mode the OMpro module will continually be prepared for a DALI signal which, if received, will result in the Self-Test mode being disabled and the module reverting to the DALI protocol. This means that the OMpro module can be connected to a DALI system at anytime and the module can then be addressed and form part of the DALI installation immediately.

The OMpro (modules) range consists of just two module types; the OMpro3/4 and the OMpro5/6. These modules can adapt to the number of cells in the battery to operate a wide range of lamps ie the OMpro3/4 when connected to a 3 cell (3.6 volt) battery will operate 8W T5 lamps up to 18 watt T8 lamps while the same module when connected to a 4 cell (4.8 volt) battery will operate lamps from 21Watt T5 to 28Watt 2D.2

When ordering all the necessary components i.e. module, battery, LED must be ordered separately.
(See OMpro Order Codes).