Finesse LED exit sign DALI self-testFinesse LED exit sign DALI self-test

Finesse – Slim LED Bulkhead Luminaires

The Finesse range offers an attractive, slim, IP rated enclosure suitable for semi-flush or surface mounting with white LED light sources. Finesse luminaires utilise a polycarbonate body and lens with linear prisms providing wide intensity distribution.

Finesse luminaires are available with an alternative lens which has a slot retaining an injection moulded legend blade.

Finesse LED is available with DALI and self-test.

DALI and Self-Test logos

Finesse luminaires are available with Non-Maintained, Maintained or mains-only operation. (Non-maintained operation is available by excluding a switched live supply).

All emergency versions provide 3 hour duration as standard from integral high temperature Nickel Cadmium batteries. Maintained versions can be used for standard switched mains lighting but will automatically provide emergency lighting in the event of a complete loss of normal mains supply.

Finesse luminaires can be semi-recessed mounted using the FI/RB kit. The hanging blade exit panels require a different lens to the plain version which reduces the IP rating to IP21.

The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include long life (typically 50,000 hours+), excellent energy efficiency (>100lm/W), low operating temperatures therefore improving the life of the internal Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries and good operation at low ambient temperatures.

Finesse luminaires can be equipped with SurePath BLE Bluetooth addressable Gateway modules.

The luminaires have been tested and BSI Kitemark Certified to EN60598.2.22 and they are also Certified by UAE Ministry of Interior Civil Defense GHQ.

DALI / Self-Test Options:
The Finesse LED luminaires can be specified with integral DALI/Self-Test gear providing automatic Self-Test in accordance with BSEN62034 or fully interoperable DALI operation when connected to a DALI control system.

Finesse luminaires can also be specified with DALI control mains drivers or both DALI mains and DALI Maintained emergency.

ProductBulkhead and Exit Sign
Light Source16 x white LEDs
Luminaire lumens170lm
Sign viewing distance34m (/BLD)
ConstructionPolycarbonate base with linear prism lens
GeartrayHinged white painted steel
Dimensions375mm (L) x 160mm (W) x 75mm (H)
Supply voltage230 volt (220 - 240V) ~50Hz
Cable entry20mm drilling points (polycarbonate)
Mains only
Light source
16 x white LEDs
Colour temperature
Luminaire lumens (mains)
Lumens (emergency)
IP rating
IP65 (IP21 for blade exit)
Ambient Temperature (Ta)
0°C - 25°C
Insulation class
Class I
Supply voltage
230V ~ 50Hz
Supply power
Charge power (typical)
3.6V 1.5Ah NiCd
Order CodesDescription 
FID/NM3Non-maintained LED slim polycarbonate bulkhead with lens
FID/M3Maintained LED slim polycarbonate bulkhead with lens
FID/230Mains only LED slim polycarbonate bulkhead with lens
FIDE/NM3FID/NM3 with integral lens / double sided injection moulded legend blade
FIDE/M3FID/M3 with integral lens / double sided injection moulded legend blade
FIDE/230FID/230 with integral lens / double sided injection moulded legend blade
OPTIONS:/DALIDALI or Self-Test emergency operation (for LED versions only)
/FI/RB/KITSemi-recessing kit
FI/BLD/ECADEC format - Arrow Down
FI/BLD/ISOARISO format - Arrow Right/lEFT
FI/BLD/ISOAUISO format - Arrow Up
FI/LEG/ISOARISO format Self-adhesive - Arrow Right
FI/LEG/ISOALISO format Self-adhesive - Arrow Left
FI/LEG/ISOAUISO format Self-adhesive - Arrow Up
Mounting Height
Hm (m)
Trans. to wallTrans. to trans.Axial to trans.Axial to axialAxial to wall
1 lux min.
at centre
0.5 lux min.