Central Battery LED Emergency Control Gear (LM-CB)

The LM-CB 110 central battery emergency LED control gear allows for hold-off or slave operation of low power LED modules. The emergency gear is designed to operate from either a 50V or 110V AC/DC central battery supply, and for hold off operation an un-switched 230V AC mains supply would be required as well.

The LM-CB 110 range can be configured for use with single medium power LEDs or up to 4 low power LEDs wired in series as the output current is selectable on the module.

The LM-CB 110 control gear is designed for ease of installation offering compact dimensions and push wire terminal. They are also available with cable restraints providing an ideal solution for independent control gear for use with recessed LED down-lighters such as the LDE range.


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To ensure the correct operation of each type of LEDs the correct LM-CB equipment should be selected. The following codes should be used to order the appropriate module.

Order CodesDescription
LM-CB110LM-CB110 - 110V AC/DC Supply for low power LEDs (Current selectable at module)