Central Battery LED Emergency Control Gear (LD-CB)

Conversion of all modern LED luminaires for connection to central battery emergency supplies.

The LD-CB emergency LED module allows maintained operation of high power LED modules or arrays, when utilising the standard mains voltage LED control gear in-line with the Central Battery powered emergency LED control module.

The LD-CB Central Battery module allows for maintained, hold-off or slave operation of high power LED modules or arrays.

The emergency gear is designed to operate from an 110V AC/DC Central Battery supply. For maintained operation, an integral relay disconnects the LED lighting load from the mains control gear and then connects it to the emergency control gear, which operates the LED module/array at a reduced light output from the central battery supply.

The various high power LED modules utilise different arrays of LEDs connected in series or a combination of series and parallel, and the LD-CB range can be configured to suit any of these (output current selectable on the module).

It is important to note that for maintained operation some of the LED module/array mains drivers should not be operated with an open circuit load.

To overcome this problem when first powering up or when switching between emergency and mains operations the LD-CB module features a live in/live out relay which ensures the load is in place before the mains driver is powered up.



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To ensure the correct operation of each type of high power LED module/array the correct output current should be selected on the module (see output current and operating voltage details in the Specification table).