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Fusion LED 8W T5 Exit signs

Fusion LED Bulkhead and Exit Sign

The Fusion range offers an attractive flush mounting luminaire with an optional lens that accommodates a hanging blade exit legend. The luminaires utilise a polycarbonate body and lens and are available with white LED light sources.

Ease of installation is assured due to the adjustable arms that swing out and clamp down onto the supporting surface.

The optional exit panel is moulded with a wedge shape to improve the luminance distribution over the legends. The plain lens seals the recessed enclosure to IP65 (IP21 for EXIT version).

Fusion LED luminaires are available with DALI and self-test.

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Maestro Exit SignMaestro Exit Sign

Maestro – Architectural Exit Signs

The Maestro range has been developed to offer a direct replacement for the old ‘metal box’ exit signs and will even cover the area marked on a wall when an old box sign is removed.

Maestro provides an excellent viewing distance of 36 metres and although still a ‘box’ design it is very thin (45mm maximum) and much more attractive than conventional exit boxes.

Maestro Exit Sign luminaires feature attractive polycarbonate enclosures with front and downward illumination via a diffused panel and ‘clip?in’ safety sign legend screens.

The integral rechargeable batteries and charger/driver PCB are mounted on the back surface and the advanced wide angle white LEDs provide even and effective illuminance across the legend.

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Maxim LED exit-sign DALI self-testMaxim LED Exit Signs - white

Maxim – Long-Life LED Exit Signs

The Maxim LED exit sign is an attractive, specifiable product that offers long life and low energy with excellent performance. These very slim wall mounted luminaires feature a welded steel housing providing a ‘picture frame’ appearance around the bright and evenly illuminated safety sign panel.

The Maxim exit sign luminaires provide smaller physical dimensions than conventional fluorescent exit signs making installations more attractive. However, the Maxim LED exit signs still provide a useful 25 metre viewing distance.

The back plate mounts on the wall using simple keyhole slots or via the central BESA entry. The front cover then simply hooks onto the back plate and is retained with a single fixture at the base.

The front cover is supplied in textured white as standard and a textured silver grey finish is also available.

Maxim LED exit signs are available with DALI and self-test.

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MetaLED - LED Exit Sign Luminaires

MetaLED – Wall Mounted LED Exit Sign

The MetaLED range provides excellent viewing distances of 36 metres from a conventional package but with the advantage of using long life, low energy LEDs as a light source. The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include long life (typically 50,000 hours+), excellent energy efficiency, low operating temperature therefore improving the life of the internal batteries and good operation at low ambient temperatures.

MetaLED exit sign luminaires feature epoxy coated steel enclosures with screen printed opal polycarbonate legend panels enclosing integral rechargeable batteries and a PCB fitted with advanced wide angle white LEDs and efficient driver circuit.

Custom epoxy body colours can be made available to special order.

Mexodus architectural LED exit-signs DALI and self-testMexodus Exit Sign

Mexodus – Architectural LED Exit Sign

Very high sign luminance – ideal for brightly lit environments

The Mexodus range of high quality LED exit sign luminaires is perfectly suited to modern architectural environments. Offering ease of installation, these exit sign luminaires have an attractive flat design with the exit legend being framed by a high quality aluminium extrusion measuring just 237 x 137mm.

The specially screened light-conducting panel ensures a uniform illumination and due to their high luminance of >500cd/m2 are ideal for use in brightly lit environments.

Along with their slim design and three different mounting options, Mexodus luminaires are DALI addressable and offer countless possibilities for the seamless integration of lumen efficient exit signage into existing structures and new installations.

DALI Self-Test LiFePO4

Mizzen LED exit sign luminairesMizzen LED exit sign luminaires - dimensions

Mizzen – Wire Suspended LED Exit Sign

The Mizzen exit sign luminaire offers a really attractive method of providing an illuminated safety sign with adjustable suspension heights from a surface mounted gear box and with no visible power cable.

The integral LEDs illuminating the double sided engraved safety legends have long life (>50,000 hrs) and operate at very low energy. These luminaires feature a small surface mounted plastic gear box and a suspended extruded aluminium LED housing which also retains the legend panel.

SignalLED exit sign DALI and self-testSignalLED Recessed

SignalLED – Exit Sign Luminaires (recessed and surface)

The SignalLED range of LED exit sign luminaires offer long life, low energy and flexible mounting solutions in a choice of attractive, maintained packages.

The suspended luminaires feature extruded aluminium housings and a wide range of mounting attachments allowing wall, ceiling or suspended solutions. The recessed luminaires have conventional styling but with all the size and performance benefits provided from the latest LED technology.

The luminaires feature a unique method of fitting legend ‘screens’ onto the double-sided, acrylic blades. Legends are available in all common legend types and are supplied as ‘same type’ sets of two.

SignalLED luminaires offer Maintained operation as standard providing 3 hour duration. (Non-maintained operation is available by excluding a switched live supply).

The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include long life (typically 50,000 hours+), excellent energy efficiency (>100lm/W), low operating temperatures therefore improving the life of the internal Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries and good operation at low ambient temperatures.

All SignalLED luminaires comply with the relevant requirements of EN60598.2.22
NB: All main internal wiring is Low Smoke, Zero Halogen.

DALI / Self-Test Options:
The SignalLED LED luminaires can be specified with integral DALI/Self-Test gear providing automatic Self-Test in accordance with BSEN62034 or fully interoperable DALI operation when connected to a DALI control system.

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