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LDI LED light pods

Miniature Open Area Downlights (LDI Range)

The LDl3/18 is a small and very discreet LED light pod with an injection moulded thermally conductive plastic body acting as a very effective heat sink and incorporating an 18mm thread and lock nut for simple installation.
NB: Requires 18.5mm clearance hole with access to the rear.

The LDl3/18 light pods (silver or white front bezel) offer two distribution types.

LDl3/18/105 (WIDE BEAM)
The LDl3/18/105 light pod offers 105 degree wide angle lens configuration ideal for illumination of open areas with mounting heights below 3.5m.

The LDl3/18/C light pod offers a dissymmetric lens providing a narrow beam across the width of a corridor and extremely wide (batwing) distribution along the length of the corridor.

Mizzen LED exit sign luminairesMizzen LED exit sign luminaires - dimensions

Mizzen – Wire Suspended LED Exit Sign

The Mizzen exit sign luminaire offers a really attractive method of providing an illuminated safety sign with adjustable suspension heights from a surface mounted gear box and with no visible power cable.

The integral LEDs illuminating the double sided engraved safety legends have long life (>50,000 hrs) and operate at very low energy. These luminaires feature a small surface mounted plastic gear box and a suspended extruded aluminium LED housing which also retains the legend panel.

Nautilus circular LED luminairesNautilus circular LED luminaires

Nautilus 2 – Circular LED Luminaires

The Nautilus 2 range offers decorative surface-mounted circular luminaires. They incorporate high output white LEDs within a ‘sealed’ polycarbonate light source enclosure. This minimises loss of efficacy due to dirt ingress.

Nautilus 2 offers an exceptional opportunity to design contemporary lighting installations. Nautilus 2 are aesthetic luminaires specifically designed to offer mains only or maintained emergency lighting. They have optional integral Microwave presence detectors for switching the mains operation where required.

The mains driver and emergency lighting gear is installed in the back of the housing away from internal heat sources. The main luminaire housing is installed by twisting on to the first fix ring.

Nautilus 2 luminaires comply with EN60598.

DALI and Self-Test logos

LDE3 whiteLDE3 black

Open Area and Escape Route Downlights (LDE3F Range)

Where projects require the advantages of low energy/long life LEDs packaged in standard downlight products for plasterboard ceilings and ceiling tiles the LDE3F range is the ideal choice.

The LDE3F downlights (white, black or silver thermally conductive plastic) are installed using spring clips into a 45mm diameter cut-out.

The LDE3F range can be supplied with the LDCK330/40 in-line emergency driver kit which can pass through the cut-out into the ceiling void (minimum void depth 175mm).

DALI and Self-Test logos

PanelLEDPanelLED Round

PanelLED – recessed LED panels

Available in two standard sizes and as mains only or in maintained emergency versions, PanelLED recessed LED luminaires provide aesthetic simplicity, high light output, low energy and long life from a very slim (<20mm) package.

The PL240-13-R round PanelLED is 25mm thick and comes with spring fixings for recessing into tiles and plasterboard ceilings. The PL600-50-S square PanelLED is only 12mm thick and drops into a standard 600mm square tile opening in exposed-T ceilings.

Installation kits are also available to suspend the PL600 panel from wires or fit the panel direct to the surface of a ceiling or wall.

LD/SM self-contained LED downlighter with DALI and self-testLD/SM Self-Contained LED Downlights

Self-Contained LED Downlights (LD/SM Range)

The LD/SM range offers a simple method of providing discreet emergency lighting in areas that require a surface mounted self-contained solution.

Available with a symmetrical wide angle lens or the asymmetrical ‘corridor’ lens for escape routes the LD/SM just requires a permanent 230 volt supply to provide effective non-maintained emergency lighting with 3 hour duration.

The LD/SM range of self-contained LED downlighters is also available with DALI and self-test operation.

DALI and Self-Test logos

SignalLED exit sign DALI and self-testSignalLED Recessed

SignalLED – Exit Sign Luminaires (recessed and surface)

The SignalLED range of LED exit sign luminaires offer long life, low energy and flexible mounting solutions in a choice of attractive, maintained packages.

The suspended luminaires feature extruded aluminium housings and a wide range of mounting attachments allowing wall, ceiling or suspended solutions. The recessed luminaires have conventional styling but with all the size and performance benefits provided from the latest LED technology.

The luminaires feature a unique method of fitting legend ‘screens’ onto the double-sided, acrylic blades. Legends are available in all common legend types and are supplied as ‘same type’ sets of two.

SignalLED luminaires offer Maintained operation as standard providing 3 hour duration. (Non-maintained operation is available by excluding a switched live supply).

The benefits of the modern white low power LEDs include long life (typically 50,000 hours+), excellent energy efficiency (>100lm/W), low operating temperatures therefore improving the life of the internal Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) batteries and good operation at low ambient temperatures.

All SignalLED luminaires comply with the relevant requirements of EN60598.2.22
NB: All main internal wiring is Low Smoke, Zero Halogen.

DALI / Self-Test Options:
The SignalLED LED luminaires can be specified with integral DALI/Self-Test gear providing automatic Self-Test in accordance with BSEN62034 or fully interoperable DALI operation when connected to a DALI control system.

DALI and Self-Test logos

SIM240SIM240 dimensions

SIM 240 Changeover Module

On medium to large projects it can be advantageous to provide emergency lighting using a static inverter connected to a number of the existing mains luminaires.

In these installations it is necessary for the normal supply and the static inverter supply to be selected by an automatic switching device within or external to the luminaire. Some suppliers offer a standard 230V AC change-over relay for this purpose but this ignores the fact that a free running static inverter is not tied to the grid frequency and will therefore be out of phase or in a worst case situation could be in anti-phase with the normal switched supply.

When a relay tries to switch between these supplies there is a tendency for the relay to suffer from arcing between the normally open and the normally closed contacts resulting in a temporary short circuit between the two out of phase supplies. This will cause external circuit protection to operate (fuses and/or circuit breakers) and will ultimately destroy the relay.

In extreme cases it can also damage the static inverter.

The SIM240 static inverter module is designed to eliminate these switching problems. The SIM240 utilises two interposing relays for the two supplies and introduces a time delay of approximately 500m sec between breaking the normal supply and connecting the static inverter supply. This sequence is reversed upon restoration of the monitored 230 volt supply when the SIM240 immediately breaks the static inverter supply and then after a similar time delay reconnects the normal lighting supply.

A dimming isolation facility is incorporated as standard for use with dimming ballasts to enable full light output to be achieved in the emergency condition.

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Testing Systems

Testing Systems

There are two main methods of automatic testing for emergency products, SELF-TEST and CENTRAL TEST.

Conversion of mains luminaires and most of the standard luminaire products can be supplied with SELF-TEST or CENTRAL TEST options. These systems offer several benefits to the building owner/tenant and provide real financial savings over the life of the emergency lighting installation.

ELP Track EM - self-contained track mounted LED downlightTrack EM self-contained track mounted LED downlight

Track EM – Self-Contained Track Mounted LED Downlight

The Track EM unit offers a simple method of providing discreet emergency lighting in areas that require a self-contained solution powered by the existing track system (Eutrac, Global or Stucchi Track).

Supplied with a ‘clip-in’ symmetrical wide angle lens or asymmetrical ‘corridor’ lens for escape routes (both supplied) the Track EM luminaire simply connects to a permanent 230 volt supply via the integral track adaptor to provide effective emergency lighting with 3 hour duration.

Standard Self-Test
Incorporating tried and tested emergency driver technology from the ELP proSeries, the Track EM offers self-contained, non-maintained emergency lighting with integral automatic Self-Test.

Optional DALI
Utilising appropriate Eutrac, Global or Stucchi Track with DALI conductors and a DALI test system (such as the ELP SurePath system) the Track EM/DALI option can provide central DALI testing. Although the unit is offered with non-maintained operation and only uses one DALI address, switchable maintained operation (eg for night or security lighting) is still possible by using the DALI system to switch the LED on or off in mains healthy conditions (the ease of this operation depends upon the DALI system).


DALI Self-Test LiFePO4