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Central Battery Systems

Central Battery Systems
(50V and 110V)

A wide range of Central Battery Units and Static Inverter Units are available to suit specific project demands. All units utilise high quality ten year life Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries or low maintenance twenty five year life Vented Nickel Cadmium batteries and the systems are specifically designed for emergency lighting applications.

Slave versions of the standard luminaire range can be ordered plus standard mains luminaires can be converted for connection to Central Systems by using the 50 volt and 110 volt slave inverters.

ELP Elegance LED Fluorescent IP65 Circular BulkheadElegance LED On

Elegance – IP65 LED Circular Luminaire

The Elegance range offers mains and emergency lighting from a stylish luminaire with a white polycarbonate base and opal polycarbonate diffuser sealed to IP65.

The luminaires are supplied with a unique lever release for the diffuser which provides access to the control gear and light sources which are mounted on a removable geartray. The diffuser release lever can be locked using a screw which increases the tamper/vandal resistance where required.

Options include integral DALI/Self-Test (the emergency operation will operate in Self-Test mode unless connected to a DALI test system when the luminaire will revert to fully interoperable DALI control). Elegance luminaires can also be specified as DALI mains or DALI mains plus DALI emergency.

DALI and Self-Test logos

Standard OM and OM/LP Modules

Fluorescent Emergency Conversion Equipment (ECK)

ECK (Emergency Conversion Kits) comprise a high quality emergency lighting inverter module and the appropriate battery pack. Standard kits offer 4Ah High Temperature Nickel Cadmium cells in a stick format. However, side by side formats and Nickel Metal Hydride batteries are also available.

ECK kits are available with OM or OM/LP inverter modules which are referred to as ‘Total Isolation’ or 5-pole control units (featuring full 4pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply). This ensures that the ECK conversion kits are suitable for all ballast types including HF and dimming.

OMproOMpro DALI Control and Self-Test Modules for Fluorescent Luminaires

Fluorescent Emergency Conversion Equipment with DALI/Self-Test (OMpro)

The standard fluorescent ECK (Emergency Conversion Kits) comprise an OM high quality emergency lighting inverter module and the appropriate battery pack.

Where Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI is required the OMpro module should be specified.

The OMpro range offers a low-profile charger/inverter module with High temperature Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries to suit the application.

As with standard OM or OM/LP modules the OMpro inverter modules provide ‘total isolation’ ie 5-pole control (featuring full 4 pole change-over of the lamp/gear connections plus a timed fifth pole to make & break the ballast live supply) ensuring successful operation with all ballast types including HF and dimming.

Fusion LED 8W T5 Exit signs

Fusion LED Bulkhead and Exit Sign

The Fusion range offers an attractive flush mounting luminaire with an optional lens that accommodates a hanging blade exit legend. The luminaires utilise a polycarbonate body and lens and are available with white LED light sources.

Ease of installation is assured due to the adjustable arms that swing out and clamp down onto the supporting surface.

The optional exit panel is moulded with a wedge shape to improve the luminance distribution over the legends. The plain lens seals the recessed enclosure to IP65 (IP21 for EXIT version).

Fusion LED luminaires are available with DALI and self-test.

DALI and Self-Test logos

IM Integrated Modules

Integrated Conversion Equipment (IM)

The Integrated Modules incorporate a high quality electronic ballast and an emergency lighting inverter within the same enclosure. The module should be connected to a permanent 230 volt supply to charge the Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries. A second switched mains supply then provides normal lighting. In the event of a failure of the permanent supply the lamp continues to operate from the battery.

There are two physically different modules. One is ideally suited to the wide range of circular and square compact fluorescent luminaires which utilise the 28Watt or 38 watt 2D lamps.

The second is designed to fit in the gearbox associated with compact fluorescent downlights. There are different calibrations for various lamp wattages but in all cases the circuits are designed to generate less heat than standard fluorescent control gear helping to maintain optimum battery temperatures within the small enclosures.


IM Integrated Modules are suitable for operation of all 16 – 38 watt 2D lamps including T5 and Amalgam.

SafepowerSafePower - dimensions

Low Power Static Inverter Systems (SafePower)

The SafePower range offers a choice of mini static inverter power supplies for the operation of a wide range of mains voltage lighting equipment (eg mains voltage GLS & compact fluorescent lamps, small HID, LED etc). The SafePower units are supplied with robust enclosures and utilise high quality 5 year life Valve Regulated Lead Acid batteries. The mini static inverters can be supplied with maintained outputs or used solely as standby supplies.

RGT Refurbishment Geartrays

Refurbishment Geartrays

During routine maintenance visits, lighting engineers are often faced with trying to establish why an existing or old emergency luminaire is not working.

The possible causes could relate to breakdown faults within 3 complex and expensive components, each individually taking a considerable amount of time to replace.

Changing the complete luminaire is not normally an option because of potential damage to the décor and difficulty in finding new luminaires which match the existing installation.

SIM240SIM240 dimensions

SIM 240 Changeover Module

On medium to large projects it can be advantageous to provide emergency lighting using a static inverter connected to a number of the existing mains luminaires.

In these installations it is necessary for the normal supply and the static inverter supply to be selected by an automatic switching device within or external to the luminaire. Some suppliers offer a standard 230V AC change-over relay for this purpose but this ignores the fact that a free running static inverter is not tied to the grid frequency and will therefore be out of phase or in a worst case situation could be in anti-phase with the normal switched supply.

When a relay tries to switch between these supplies there is a tendency for the relay to suffer from arcing between the normally open and the normally closed contacts resulting in a temporary short circuit between the two out of phase supplies. This will cause external circuit protection to operate (fuses and/or circuit breakers) and will ultimately destroy the relay.

In extreme cases it can also damage the static inverter.

The SIM240 static inverter module is designed to eliminate these switching problems. The SIM240 utilises two interposing relays for the two supplies and introduces a time delay of approximately 500m sec between breaking the normal supply and connecting the static inverter supply. This sequence is reversed upon restoration of the monitored 230 volt supply when the SIM240 immediately breaks the static inverter supply and then after a similar time delay reconnects the normal lighting supply.

A dimming isolation facility is incorporated as standard for use with dimming ballasts to enable full light output to be achieved in the emergency condition.

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Testing Systems

Testing Systems

There are two main methods of automatic testing for emergency products, SELF-TEST and CENTRAL TEST.

Conversion of mains luminaires and most of the standard luminaire products can be supplied with SELF-TEST or CENTRAL TEST options. These systems offer several benefits to the building owner/tenant and provide real financial savings over the life of the emergency lighting installation.