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PanelLED – recessed LED panels

Available in two standard sizes and as mains only or in maintained emergency versions, PanelLED recessed LED luminaires provide aesthetic simplicity, high light output, low energy and long life from a very slim (<20mm) package.

The PL240-13-R round PanelLED is 25mm thick and comes with spring fixings for recessing into tiles and plasterboard ceilings. The PL600-50-S square PanelLED is only 12mm thick and drops into a standard 600mm square tile opening in exposed-T ceilings.

Installation kits are also available to suspend the PL600 panel from wires or fit the panel direct to the surface of a ceiling or wall.

Datasheet (PDF)
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The PanelLED luminaires operate at 24 – 39 volts from 230 volt 50Hz supplies via small power factor corrected electronic drivers.

The front face of PanelLED luminaires operates with an even luminance distribution at a colour temperature of 4500K (white) and provides glare free illumination on the working plane.

Maintained versions can be used for standard switched mains lighting and will automatically provide emergency lighting in the event of a loss of the normal mains supply.

Order CodesDescription
PL240/13/R240 DIA / 13W mains only
PL240/13/R/M3240 DIA / 13W maintained emergency version
PL600/50/S600mmsq / 50W mains only
PL600/50/S/MW600mmsq / 50W maintained emergency version
OPTIONS:(for PL600 only)
/SMSurface mount kit (direct mount on ceiling or wall)
/WIRE KITWire suspension kit
/DALI-DIMDALI dimming version
DescriptionPanelLED recessed LED luminaire;
240mm diameter, 13 watts, 1280 lumens, white
PanelLED recessed LED luminaire;
600mm x 600mm, 50 watts, 5000 lumens, white
Design life>50,000 hours>50,000 hours
FittingThe luminaire can be fitted into ceiling tiles
or plasterboard ceilings using the integral fixing
The luminaire can be fitted into exposed
T ceilings by resting on the T bar frame.
Dimensions240mm (dia) x 20mm (h)595mm (sq) x 12mm (h)
Supply voltage (into driver)110 - 254V (50Hz)110 - 254V (50Hz)
Typical supply power13 Watts47 Watts
Maximum supply power15 Watts50 Watts
Typical power factor0.90.9
Typical lumens1280lm4250lm
Typical efficiency85lm/W82lm/W
Colour temperature4500K4500K