High Power LED
Emergency Equipment

The ELP LD-CO emergency LED control gear allows maintained operation of high power LED modules such as the Philips Fortimo DLM & SLM, Xicato range, Bridgelux ES range, Citizen CL-L233-C13N1 etc. by utilising the standard mains voltage LED control gear in-line with the emergency LED control gear. The emergency gear incorporates an emergency LED driver module/charger and an appropriate high temperature battery. In the event of a mains failure, an integral relay disconnects the LED module from the mains control gear and then connects it to the emergency control gear, which operates the LED module at a reduced light output for a duration of 3 hours.

The various high power LED modules utilise different arrays of LED emitters connected in series or a combination of series and parallel. The LD-CO range can be configured to suit any of these.

LD/LDpro Product Selector

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It is very important to note that some of the LED module manufacturers specifically warn not to operate their products on reduced constant current supplies and the design of the LD-CO conversion equipment has taken this into account.

The LD-CO range of LED conversion units can utilise Pulse Width Modulation on the output driver circuit to provide a constant power output and therefore constant light output from the LED modules.

NB: All plastic cased LD-CO modules will be supplied with the H222 detachable terminal cover/cable restraint kits.

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EnvironmentalProtection against electric shockClass 1 SELV equivalent
Battery rated operating ambient temperature0°C - 50°C
Maximum case temperature (module)0°C to 30°C
Mains operationRated voltage supply220/240V AC
Mains frequency50/60Hz
Mains Supply Current20mA
Mains Supply Power4.8W
Power Factor0.6
Emergency operationEmergency duration3 hours
Battery Chemistry TypeNiCd or NiMH
Number/size of cells

5 x 2Ah sub-C cells
5 x 4Ah C cells
5 x 4Ah C cells
LED module operating current

50mA constant current
100mA constant current
750mA PWM
450mA PWM
BLF/EBLF - dependent on LED module type0.15 to 0.25
MechanicalElectrical ConnectionsPush wire terminals
Standards ComplianceEN61347-1, EN61347-2-7 & EN61347-2-13
EN60598-2-22 (clauses 22.6.7, 22.6.9, 22.6.10, 22.6.11, 22.6.12, 22.6.13, 22.17, 22.18)Yes
DALI and ST versions

To ensure the correct operation of each type of high power LED module the LD-CO equipment should be configured to suit the correct type of array.

Therefore the codes include the number of LED or LED strings connected in series e.g. LD5, for 5 series strings; LD16 for 16 series strings. The code also includes reference to the operating current eg LD5CO750 for 750mA.

The following codes should be used to order the appropriate module and battery for the following LEDs:

Philips Fortimo 3000 & 2000 lumen DLMLD22CO50DLMK
Philips Fortimo 1100 DLM & SLMLD9CO100DLMK
Xicato XSM Range and Citizen CL RangeLD9CO100DK
Xicato XSM Range 2000-3000 lumens and Cree CXA2011LD16CO100DK
Xicato XSM Range 400-1300 lumens (High Output)LD8CO300K
Mid-voltage LED arraysLD6CO300
Lower-voltage LED arraysLD4CO500
Bridgelux ES Range 400-1200 lumensLD5CO750PWMK
Bridgelux ES Range 1800-2500 lumensLD5CO450PWMK