LDpro Emergency Equipment with DALI and Self-Test

High Power LED Emergency Equipment with DALI/Self-Test (LDpro)

The standard high power LD-CO Conversion Kits offer a solution for the emergency lighting operation of any high power LED ‘light engine’ or LED array including Fortimo, Xicato, Infusion, Talex, Cree etc.

Where Self-Test or fully interoperable DALI is required the LDpro modules should be specified.

LD/LDpro Product Selector

Selecting the correct LDpro module can be a tricky business so we’ve developed an app to help you. All you need to know is the forward voltage and forward current for your application. The app will tell you which modules are suitable (in some cases there will be more than one) and also what EBLF figure you can expect to see. CLICK HERE for our LD/LDpro Product Selector.

The LDpro range offers the same low-profile charger/inverter module as the standard LD-CO with High temperature Nickel Cadmium or Nickel Metal Hydride batteries to suit the application.

LDpro modules are available with or without cable restraints providing an ideal solution for use as built-in or independent control gear.

The modules feature integral change-over relays allowing the LDpro to be wired into the standard mains driver circuit. The LDpro/DLM versions have on board multi-way connectors to allow the use of standard Philips Fortimo cable assemblies avoiding the need to cut into any of the existing Fortimo cabling.

Datasheet (PDF)
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The LDpro module includes fully tested and approved DALI control/reporting. Fully integrated components and the latest software ensure that the LDpro equipment can be connected to any approved DALI control system.

As with other ELP proSeries modules, when the mains supply is initially connected, the LDpro initiates the Self-Test commissioning mode and then activates the weekly and annual test routine starting at random times to ensure tests do not get carried out simultaneously in the same areas. Faults such as charge failure, battery failure, etc. will be indicated locally immediately and the fault indication will be automatically cleared once the fault is rectified. The LDpro module will continually be prepared for a DALI signal even when operating in Self-Test mode. If a DALI signal is received the Self-Test mode will be disabled and the module will adopt full DALI mode which means LDpro modules can be connected to a DALI system at anytime when they can then be addressed and form part of the DALI installation immediately.

As with all ELP equipment the LDpro modules are designed for ease of installation offering compact dimensions and push-wire terminals.

NB: All plastic cased LDpro modules will be supplied with the H222 detachable terminal cover/cable restraint kits.

Philips Fortimo 3000 & 2000 lumen DLMLDpro 22CO50DLMDK
Philips Fortimo 1100 DLM & SLMLDpro 9CO100DLMDK
Xicato XSM Range and Citizen CL RangeLDpro 9CO100DK
Cree CXA2011LDpro 16CO100DK
LD9CO100K/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 2Ah cells
LD9CO100K/NiMH/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 2Ah cells
LD16CO100K/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 4Ah cells
LD16CO100K/NiMH/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 4Ah cells
LD9CO100DLMK/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 2Ah cells
LD9CO100DLMK/NiMH/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 2Ah cells
LD22CO50DLMK/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 2Ah cells
LD22CO50DLMK/NiMH/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 2Ah cells
LD6CO300K/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 4Ah cells
LD6CO300K/NiMH/DALI6.0 volt; 5 x 4Ah cells

Note: LDpro kits are supplied as standard with NiCd batteries. For NiMH battery versions please quote NiMH Codes.

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) batteries are limited to lower operating temperatures than Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) — typically
NiMH batteries are limited to an absolute maximum of 50°C; NiCd batteries can withstand continuous temperatures of 55°C.
NiMH batteries also have a shelf life. It is essential that NiMH batteries are not stored for more than six months.